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About Arris Investments

Arris Investments LLC (“Arris”) is a Los Angeles-based real estate investment management firm. Arris was formed in 2012 to capitalize on the growing void in the capital markets for sophisticated equity capital per deal under $15 million. Whether in transactions where Arris is the sponsor or where Arris is providing equity capital to this underserved pool of operators across asset types in the western United States. Deals are typically underwritten on five-year holds and often involve a value-added strategy that does not rely heavily on rental rate growth to generate returns.

Greg B. Galusha – Managing Principal

Mr. Galusha directs the business and investment strategy for Arris Investments.  Over 28 years, Mr. Galusha has invested over $2.5 billion of joint venture equity and bridge debt for real estate as an investment manager of both institutional and private capital.  Mr. Galusha’s broad experience across markets, asset types, and execution strategies includes roles in originations, underwriting, financing, development, entitlement, asset management, dispositions, and workouts.  Prior to founding Arris, Mr. Galusha was a partner with PCCP, a Vice President with Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund, and Partner with Kearny Real Estate.  Mr. Galusha received a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.