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 Ideal Arris Opportunities Possess Some or All of the Following:

  • Off-market or poorly marketed transactions
  • Strong local operating sponsor and/or manager
  • High barriers to entry markets
  • Discount to replacement cost
  • Value added execution strategy

Arris seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns through deploying capital in a number of formats:

Joint Venture Equity Capital – Providing control joint venture equity for smaller transactions with 3rd party operating sponsors.

Preferred Equity or Mezzanine Capital – Providing capital to bridge between senior debt and common equity in transactions where limited senior leverage is available.

Sponsor Equity Capital – Providing majority equity capital for smaller transactions where Arris serves as the sponsor or co-sponsor

Arris targets transactions its investment programs which possess some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Located in Western U.S. markets with outsized prospects for population and job growth
  • Assets with a value-add execution strategy (redevelop, reposition and/or re-tenant)
  • Opportunities to create cash flow rather than buy it, particularly in major metro areas
  • Key metric is unleveraged stabilized yield on cost; seeking 150+ basis points spread over exit cap rates
  • Proprietary sourcing capabilities based on 45+ combined years of relationships with owners, operators, brokers and lenders